“Over the past few years, we’ve done six renovations with Marsh-Vorspan, and I really am very pleased with everything they’ve done. It’s just quality work. Also, if I ever had a problem, the response time was incredible. I never had to wait for a call back, and the change or repair would be taken care of by the next day.

Doug and Chuck are extremely customer service oriented. I’ve done remodeling with other builders, and working with Marsh-Vorspan was a much more pleasant experience. That’s why we’ve worked with them again and again."

sandra aragona

“We had architectural drawings for a pool house/guest cottage that various contractors looked at and bid on. Some of the bids were absolutely out of the ballpark.

They had what I call the “Barton Creek factor,” meaning the bids reflected an assumption that we’d just pay anything. For a while, we thought we wouldn’t do the project because it seemed too costly. But then we found Marsh-Vorspan, and they were more reasonably priced. So we went with them, and it turned out that not only was their pricing reasonable, but their work was exceptional.

We found Marsh-Vorspan very easy to work with, and in fact, a pleasure to work with. We’d hire them to do another project, and would highly recommend them to anyone.”

bob and ann

“Doug and Chuck are great guys. I’ve frequently recommended them to clients over the years, because they’re very detail-oriented, and always follow up beautifully. I enjoy working with them, and I look forward to our next project.”

paul parson

“The thing I appreciate most about Marsh-Vorspan is their ability to think ahead and troubleshoot during the construction project, and the way they bring issues to the client and architect before they become costly.

That’s critically important in remodeling, because there are often unexpected surprises when you tear open a wall or a house and the plans have assumed certain things that you couldn’t see beforehand.

They do beautiful work, and because they are a design/build firm, they know and appreciate the design side of the process. As an architect, that means a lot to me.

Also, if you like working with people who have a good sense of humor, they’re both strong on that suit.”

emily little