Campbell Hausfeld 17-Piece Air Tool and Accessory Kit Review

CampbellHausfeld 17 Piece Air Tool and Accessory Kit Review

If you own an air compressor, this kit is the perfect addition to your tools. It doesn’t matter whether you try to take on something easy, or tackle a hard project, this will make your life easier and is truly a must-have. Even though more advanced users of air compressors might find this set poorly made and lacking essential parts for them, it is indeed perfect for anyone who is making his first steps into the world of pressurized air. Your projects will never seem easier with the Campbell Hausfeld 17-Piece Kit!

Depending on the price range in which is your compressor, it might come with some or most of the needed accessories. For certain applications, you might want to go ahead and purchase the needed parts separately. Ultimately, what you need to keep your eye open when buying accessories for air compressors is the quality of the materials and the price. You need to find a perfect quality to price ratio. In this case, we have done it for you. This, right here, is the perfect product for the perfect price in our opinion. We tested the parts and although they are on the cheap side of things, we found them extremely well manufactured and they handled well in all our workspace scenarios.

One other thing worth mentioning is that you will need to check the capability of the tools you are buying. Not all of the accessories will match the power of your air compressor. For example, some pencil gauges are made to withstand pressures up to 50 psi, while your compressor can be anywhere around 100-150 psi.

So, What’s Inside This Accessories Kit?

Campbell Hausfeld 17-Piece Air Tool and Accessory Kit

  • Blowgun

First and perhaps most important is the blowgun in this kit. Blowguns are a part which is used with your air compressor to direct the discharged air at a precise point. It is mostly used to clean or dry various surfaces or remove debris. This is a part which is used in essential tasks, so it’s always a good idea to have a spare one or even invest more in a separate blowgun.

  • Fillings and Adapters

Most air compressors don’t have with an additional hose or air tools, so you might have to buy it separately. Once you do, you will definitely need fittings and adapters. The purpose of these parts is to ease the connection between any accessory you get and your air compressor. When browsing for fittings, once you are moving away from your starter equipment, keep your eye open for anodized fittings. They are rust-resistant and corrosion-free. Usually, buying fittings and adapters from the brand of your compressor is the best choice, but when they don’t offer or are too expensive, your best choice is something that we offer you here.

  • Couplers
  • Female and Male couplings
  • Inflation nozzles
  • Safety Nozzle
  • Tapered Nozzle
  • Dual-foot chuck
  • Pencil gauge

This should hint you that this kit is the perfect product to have for various inflation needs or an overall new compressor (in case you bought just the compressor).


As mentioned, this kit is ideal for any starter. Having a blowgun and a dual-foot chuck will alleviate your way around any obstacle and open your way to previously impossible applications. This dual head chuck will make any inflation a walk in the park while the blowgun will come in handy for both inflation and cleaning your car details.

The Campbell Hausfeld 17-Piece Air Tool and Accessory Kit is made of corrosion-resistant materials such as brass. This adds to the overall reliability of the kit. All the plugs here are cold-forged which adds to their strength and durability.

Your pencil gauge included in the kit can withstand pressures from 0 to 50 psi. This is both a pro and a con, so we will mention it once more further down.


As stated, the pressure gauge (or pencil gauge) withstands pressures up to 50 psi. This is mainly due to the fact that it isn’t made from the most solid materials out there. This is fine for most users, but whenever your air compressor goes above this 50 psi bar you are risking to break some part down the line. The gauge will most likely break first since it’s the weakest link here, but still, no need to risk any of your other accessories (or the compressor’s main parts for that matter). Buying a separate gauge can be a good investment further down the road.

If you work mostly in your home workshop, the air nozzle should be fine. It will unlikely stand up to rigorous use, though. The rest of the fittings in this 17-piece kit are reasonably solid and are adequate for your daily home usage. At no point, you should forget the price you are paying for this kit. It is way below anything else on the market, so having one or two parts not being able to handle harsh use is acceptable in our book.

Maybe another downside which is a downside just for us is that we wished that this kit came with more female tooltips (it only has two).

Final Words On The Campbell Hausfeld 17-Piece Air Tool and Accessory Kit

This is a very decent kit for a DIY or any type of home user. You’d probably want to go with something a bit more substantial if this is your everyday job. We personally tested the fittings on this kit and found no air leakage whatsoever, unlike what other people have reported. It is important to note that we used PTFE tape and tightened all the fittings with a wrench so these steps are advisable if you want to be on the safe side of things.

What we are trying to say is, if you are new to compressors, get this set right now. It has everything you need inside of it and will let you pop in and pop out a tool anytime you want. The only disappointing downside, as mentioned is, that we wished it came with more than just 2 female tooltips. The two that came with the kit worked amazing, though, so we won’t complain about it too much. As a final verdict, we’d say that this 17-piece air tool and accessory kit is pretty amazing for anyone planning to buy a basic air compressor for his home use and we highly recommend it!

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